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FS: Auto-Dimming Mirror

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The story is i waited forever for my tC. the guy promises 3 weeks so i check up on him periodically, to make sure he is doing good on the deal because, he is holding my depost. so the 3 weeks come and i come to find out the car hasn't even left for the port even. so i ended up getting a tc at a different lot and got some options i didnt intend to get. This auto-dimming mirror was one of them. so if anyone is interested and has the know-how to uninstall it. i would be willing to trade for a regular mirror along with $150. is selling this item for about $218.30 plus shipping. so if anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]

also. i am located in the sunnyvale/sanjose 408 area.

heres some pictures of my car!

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Good price - put the ad in classifieds

When you'll be selling it, dont forget to take the harness out together with the mirror. I have an install manual if you need it to help with "uninstall" - nothing scary, will probably take you 5 minutes to pull the harness out.
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