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FS: 19" ADR GT wheels and P Zero Nero tires

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I am selling my 19" ADR GT Sports Wheels with P Zero Nero P215/35 ZR tires. I will also consider trade ( Stock TC wheels and tires + some cash ). The P Zero Nero tires have only about 150 miles on them. I bought them from the dealer for $2500 + tax. I am not asking for that price but please make me reasonable offer. If you want pictures of the wheels and tires, then please pm me, thanks.
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Hey SnowWhite, and welcome to the site. Thanks for posting. You didn't get the stock tC wheels? Those are really nice wheels you're selling... I only wish I had the money.

PS - Good luck with the sale!!
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I got ripped off by the dealer. They said they have to sell the TC with 19's wheels, and when I asked for the stock wheels, they told me that they don't have any. I don't want to wait any longer so I end up paying extra money for the 19".
Yeah, I got pictures. Let me know your email address so I can email the pictures of the wheels and tires to you, thanks.
That's evil. You should definitely complain to Scion corporate about that -- they seem to be very interested in preventing their dealers from doing anything like that.
if anyone gets the pics, please link them up here. - T
Yeah, the do look hott! Man, I wish those were on my car! Good lookin with the wheels. And once again, good luck with the sale!
Yeah, those DEFINITLEY look nice. If I had a white tC and the money to burn, I'd be all over that!
white on white looks cool.

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