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FS: 18" Iforged FLuX wheels amd tires

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wheels for sale here 18x8F 18x8R iforged FLuX wheels with a brushed finish, with tires $2000 OBO!!! only has like 300 miles on wheels and tires Dunlop SP Sportmaxx 225-40-18(F)and 235-40-18® NO DAMAGES, NO SCRATCHES ETC. SUPER CLEAN.

we are going wider

and also used set of sprint lowering springs $100 firm

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They look great on your car:)

I am going smaller, 17x8 for autocross, etc.

Off topic, any word on a CF roof, I want one!!

Off topic, any word on a CF roof, I want one[/b]

has there been CF roofs for other cars?!?!? i have never seen that, gets me wonderingg.
I've got to think that a CF roof would be difficult to integrate on most cars. With the hood and trunk replacements, we're talking easily removed pieces. Normally, to change a roof, you're talking about welds.

Though the tC's would be bolt-on panels, I suppose.
It would significantly improve weight distribution and reduce overall weight. I've thought about making polycarbonate replacements, but they look ugly if they are in the sun too long.
The mechanisms are quite heavy as well. Normally I think a CF roof would be hard to replace but not with these cars, that is if you can get the glass off easily enough.

The welds will be under the glass/rubber trim around the edges, have to pull the windshield and maybe the rear window, I guess that is a bit of a hassle as well. But, maybe not with this design we have.

If the windows can be left in place, just pull down the headliner, unbolt everything you can and remove it, drill out some spot welds, remove the whole thing, glue? the new roof in place, I am talking the whole roof in one piece, no longer opening. Then make some trim panels for the holes inside and you are done.

This would result in a huge savings of weight that is currently located ina terrible place for handling dynamics.

Of course tires, wheels, suspension mods etc can compensate to a very high degree, removing it entirely would be far better yet.

I will do this if one comes out, if not, maybe next year, I may just build my own!!

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Sounds like one hell of an interesting mod.

That being said, I'm not worried about turning my tC into a performance beast. I dig the glass roof, additional weight and all.
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