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Ok guys, testing the waters here. If I can sell these to someone I WILL. I have my winter combo on right now and have found another set of wheels/tires I want, if I can sell them I will.

They're off my 01 Neon. 5 x 100 bolt pattern.</span>

Specs: 17 x 7 DTD Konig Glides with 215/40/17 Nitto NeoGens. They are no longer available, they were sort-of a special edition rim--they only came in egg gold and flat black. ( Konig Sold Out Link ) These particular rims were egg gold, then painted bronze by the previous owner. They are now 2-tone silver/graphite, painted a few months ago with Duplicolor wheel paint. The outer-facing spokes are silver, the inside of the spokes are graphite. The INSIDE of the wheel (that you don't see) is GLOSS BLACK. I did put 3-4 clearcoats on each wheel.

For all you weight nuts: THEY WEIGH 42 LBS WITH TIRES. On the web, I found that they were 22.6lbs without tires. (I hope that's right)
The tires were pretty good. They are NOT DIRECTIONAL, so you can rotate all 4 corners around wherever you want, not just front to rear.
They're not bad in the rain, not as bad as my old Kumhos, at least. They're not an Eagle F1, though. Grip is pretty good, comparable to a Kumho, maybe a little bit stickier.
Fronts are worn, rears are almost like new.

I really don't know what offset they are. The guy I got them from said 40, then also 45, so I am not sure. I found a site that says in 5 x 100 egg gold, they came in 35mm, 40mm, and 45mm. They are definitely NOT 35mm, they don't stick out like my other 35mm rims. If I HAD to guess, I'd say 40 mm, which is our NEON stock offset, and these rims on my car look just like my stock ones, they don't stick out and aren't further in. But who knows.

I have THREE center caps that say KONIG on them, I chose to not use them because I only had 3. I can include them if you want.

Don't laugh at the rear bumper, had a lil incident with a tire wall at a road course.
And I no longer have the flames. Yes, they were ugly.

<span style="color:Red">EMAIL ME FOR MORE PICS
, I have a ton. I actually made a zip file, but can't host it anywhere!! So EMAIL ME @ [email protected]
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