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As stated, this vehicle makes 427WHP @ 22psi. This vehicle was dyno'd and tuned every 6 months -- last dyno run the vehicle made 427WHP and 456 WHEEL Torque. This car was designed (internally and externally) to handle the power/torque put down to the wheels. Selling a 2008 Scion tC, manual transmission. NO OIL LEAKS, NO TRANS/ENGINE PROBLEMS, this car is my baby and I have taken 100% amazing care of it. As you can see in the pictures, I have plasti-dipped the car MATTE BLACK, so if the new owner pleases he can always rip the plasti-dip off (the vehicle is metallic black underneath). I am the original and only owner of this vehicle. I currently am driving 55 miles to and from work and in need of a hybrid vehicle. I have put a LOT of money and love into this vehicle, and looking for a buyer (will do $8.5K -- PRICE NEGOTIABLE) -- will consider a partial trade as well based on vehicle. I have maintained this vehicle fully from day one.

The engine/trans has around 15,000 miles on them, and the rest of the car has around 110,000 miles. I have rebuilt this engine/trans (I work on cars for a living =) ) and put roughly $18,000 dollars into the vehicle (aside from the price of the vehicle). And here is a list of some of the parts on the vehicle that are not OEM... --
-- .57 trim Garrett turbo (t3/t4)
-- 880cc injectors
-- PTuning Fuel Rail / Upgraded Fuel Pump
-- AEM Digital Wideband gauge (air/fuel ratio) -- gauges on A-Pillar
-- AEM FIC -- Fuel/Ignition Controller (used for tuning only)
-- Boost Gauge (not digital)
-- Manley H-Beam Rods
-- Port & Polished/Machined Head & Vacuum Tested
-- ARP Head Studs
-- CP Pistons (9.0 : 1 -- lower compression than stock)
-- Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams
-- Brian Crower Valve / lifter spring kit
-- All new bearings / timing chain / timing chain cover
-- ACT Clutch Kit (TY4-HDG6) -rated to handle 500 wheel torque
-- PTuning 3" turbo-back exhaust
-- Tein Lowering Springs
-- PTuning Turbo Kit -- was originally installed 3-4 years ago (since then, modified plenty) =P

These are the primary/big parts replaced on the vehicle, much more was replaced -- ask me anything about what was replaced.

Feel free to text/call/email me in regards to the vehicle (more pictures, pictures of the engine bay...etc), I AM 100% WILLING TO SHOW/OFFER RIDES IN THE VEHICLE FOR SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.
- - Richard


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All that power on stock rims and tires?
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