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Front Strut Tie Bar

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How much a difference does the front tie bar make by itself? Most importantly is it worth the ~$140.00?
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I sold mine. Felt like it was purely cosmetic.
I agree with Zoltiz. Purely cosmetic. I see no diffence in the handling of the car and I still have mine. Is it worth the money from purely the functional standpoint? Heck no. It looks pretty cool though....and many of us add stuff that really does not do much in order to make our cars look better. I guess it is up to you, but do not expect any changes in the handling. Look how close the strut towers are to the firewall. This is a very strong structure to begin with.
I have to disagree... my opinion of the strut tower brace is that it works & works well.
I thought mine made a small noticeable difference, but it's nothing like the springs and sway bars. IMO

Ken, you have a tC?
No, so I guess I should have kept my opinion to myself. I have an 03 Corolla and I did the brace first, small diff, then the springs, bigger difference. That experience plus the comments I've seen from some, prompted the opinion.

I had a strut bar on my last car (bmw 330xi) and it did an excellent job of tightening up the front suspension. I felt my steering was more responsive and the handling was improved slightly. I had spent $200 on that bar and was happy with the results. I'm definitely going to get the toyota strut bar in the future... just my .02
On a hardtop Supra, they're just dead weight. The only way you'll know if there's a real difference is with a watch on a timed course. It's not night and day SOTP different.

You'd be way ahead just to crank up the negative camber in the front first, the car understeers like an agricultural implement.
You've got farm tractors on the mind.
i was considering either front strut or sways. i got a front strut bar for an '99 i30t and I felt a difference in turning and handling. -shrugs-
It all depends on how well braced the original design is. Toyco built the tC with a lot of bracing for the strut towers. Notice how close they are to the A pillar and firewall. Much closer than many other sedans and even quite a few "sports" cars. Placing the top of the strut there helps feed the load into the roof with a minimum of flex from the rest of the chassis. Sure, anything will bend under suspension forces, I just think it will be harder to see a seat-of-the-pants (SOTP) difference.

While I don't doubt a bar will stiffen the front end, I am just skeptical the difference on the tC will be as noticeable as it is on some other cars.
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