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front plate without drilling holes?

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hey guys..

i just registered my car finally and now i got two plates... i don't want to drill the holes in the front bumper if i don't have to. Is there something i can get that will attach to the front bumper somehow that i can attach my front plate to and avoid all the drilling? cause for one... i don't wanna drill into my front bumper and two... i don't have a power drill to do it !...

any suggestions are appreciated.
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^^ heh... that'd be kinda nice actually... i could wash behind the plate
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It started off as a bit of a joke, but I think it could work nicely for you. You'd only have to worry about possible removing the Velcro one day down the road, and Goo Gone would make it easy.

Dammit. Now I wish Maita hadn't pre-drilled mine. Oh well...
you could use tie wraps and tie the plate to the front grill
do not get your holes drilled if you don't have to.

i have my plate mounted in my lower grill and i love it.

i'll try to post some pics of it later today when i get home.
Thx for that link! I just ordered one! I actually got busted for not having a front license plate and it was a $90 fine. Unbelieveable!
interesting!... i just went to the auto store.. they had a bracket there but it looked funky.. not sure how i would attach it to my tC .. didnt look anything like that link ..... i'll have to go again later and take a closer look... definitely dont wanna drill holes.. unless i absolutely must
If you do it the way the link shows... make sure you put a piece of foam rubber on the back of the plate where it would meet the bumper that way it won't rub just in case.
thanks for the advice
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