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Like Eric said, I do have the bra. I got it mainly for long trips (Laps Around the Bay or visits to my folks). I don't drive with it regularly due to the moisture and scratch factors. Make sure to put a bunch of wax down before you put it on and make sure the backside of the bra is completely clean. Otherwise, you will just grind dirt or leaves or whatever else is there into your paint.

The manufacturer warns of allowing the bra to dry on your car, saying it will haze your paint. A few weeks ago, I left it on the car for 2 days after it had rained, and it DID leave a serious haze which I freaked out about. Fortunately, after leaving it out in the sun for a few hours, the haze cleared itself up and I don't have any problems.

Provided you're using it for the same reasons I am (helping avoid chips on long trips), I think its a great investment to protect the thin paint. Just be sure to keep it clean and remove it periodically to keep the paint fade even.

Hope this helps!
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