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Front Component Speaker Install

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Here are some pics of my recent install:

Vapor barrior and wire harness removed to apply Dynamat.

Dynamat applied to inner door skin.

Dynamat applied to outer door skin.

Woofer installed w/ custom spacer fabricated from MDF.

Tweeter and crossover installed.

Woofer, tweeter and crossover.

Entire door with wire harness replaced.
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Nice setup. I bet that sound 100 times better than the stock crap. How hard was the mdf bracket to make? I can't really tell from the pic if you just had to make the ring part, or the whole thing that attaches to the door. I am going to be doing this same exact thing to mine (except with fosgate components) and any help before hand will be great.

I used the factory speaker as a template and 1/4" MDF as the mounting plate. Then I cut the ring out of 3/4" MD, nailed and glued to the mounting plate. For protection of the elements, I painted the adapters w/ Krylon. You don't want to get MDF wet.
What if any changes did you have to make to the factory speaker wiring to install those speakers? That is a clean looking installation, thanks for sharing that with us.
All the factory wires were used. The wires come into the door to the tweeter and from the tweeter to the woofer. There are no external crossovers in the factory system. I simply cut the connections from the factory tweeter and connected the door side to the x-over input. Then I connected the woofer side to the x-over woofer output. I then ran a seperate wire for the tweeter and connected it to the x-over tweeter output.

Hope this helps.
How did you get Dynamat on the outer door skin? Did it you the inner door skin off? Or did you just fold it up in there? I imagine if you did the latter, it would be hard to apply it uniformly.
I cut it into strips about 6" X 24" and applied it in sections thru the access holes in the outer skin. It doesn't nrrd to br too uniform as long as you have good coverage and clean panels before you apply it. Hope this helps.
Thanks, it does help! I looked at all the testimonials for that Brown whatever sound dampener and some people went nuts with the stuff, and I wasn't sure how much is actually needed, so thanks a ton. Dynamat (or something similar) will probably be one of the last things I do but I definitely want to do it.
Very cool. I am in the middle of installing my CDT components in the front doors. Bigger hassle than first thought. Speakers are very deep and no one around my area has water proof speaker baffles.
Nicky- check out I'm sure you know about the site, but I bought my water-proof baffles from them. They're pretty cheap too.
Yea I just bought a set of XTC baffles from them. I was in a rush to try and get the whole install last weekend so I tried to buy a set locally but that didn't work. So Crutchfield was my next option. I heard nothing but good things about XTC so i'm glad I bought them.
I used this thread this weekend when I installed my Rockford Fosgate Fanatic Q 6 1/2" components. Excellent info is here, especially the wiring info, which is not included in the install-guide area of this site. It saved me alot of time. But, it still took all day saturday and most of this morning. Biggest time consumer was making the speaker adapters out of MDF.

Thanks for the help, Alpman

Too bad it makes my rear stock speakers sound like crap

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None of the pics work for me.
Scratch that...they work fine for me now too. Weird. I refreshed like 5 times before.
I would have guessed that since alpine got picked up by them and all the Metra Bags in the background of the pic's. Wasn't tryin to offend anyone is a clean install though, love all the Dynomat....

does anyone here know about the side airbags and how to get the door off if the vehicle is equipped with them?
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