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Free Scoop Cover

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I received a scoop cover when I replaced my front bumper thanks to a flea and tick condo better known as a Mule Deer.

If any one wants this (useless to me) piece of plastic let me know I'll only charge mailing cost.. its for the drivers side scoop.

Merry Xmas (yes its a celebration of Jeus Christ's Birthday!)

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Don't throw it away. Matrix has similar scoop covers and the only way to order them is with a new bumper (mine were missing from day one and I tried to find em for a year - local dealers, online toyota parts places, etc.)

It might be different for the tC, but just in case...
what's a scoop cover?
The Scoop cover is the black piece of plastic in the front scoops of the tC. I have PIAA 1400 Ion Crystal foglights sitting in those scoops, and don't need the cover.

If someone on this forum would give me a hint on how to post pics I'd share them.


oh, i see. yeah rangerk, i'd like to see those pics.
ebay it
Does anyone know of an easy way to remove the scoop covers? And will it really increase air flow to the engine?

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