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Free lowering springs

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tC owners in the southern California area, we are looking for a tC to perform suspension R&D on for the purpose of producing lowering springs.

The vehicle would be required to be at our facility in south Riverside county for approximately one day.

In return we will provide one free tC spring kit and installation at no charge upon completion of our prototype/production parts.

Those interested in participating can respond through this forum.

First come first serve as only one vehicle is needed.

Thank you

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i wish i diddnt live on the other side of the country
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What part of Cali? I'm in Bakersfield...
Originally posted by Halewafa@Sep 19 2005, 05:31 PM
What part of Cali? I'm in Bakersfield...
The vehicle would be required to be at our facility in south Riverside county for approximately one day.[/b]
Temecula, California
haha well there's your answer x)
lol, yeah... i guess i didn't see that.
i think i can do it

wat day is it, and wat brand of springs?

i live in orange
Temecula ay...hmm i live near cherry valley that's close HE HE
Hey Guys, (gals)

I have only had two legitimate responses and the first one is unavailable. I have contacted the second and I am waiting for there reply.

If you are interested in this offer please send me a message or you can contact me directly at [email protected]

I will be making my way down the list.

This is a pretty good deal considering all you have to do is loan us the vehicle for a few hours.

Here is a brief description of what the procedure is:

Typically we see a drop anywhere from 1" to 1.5" depending on the application and what we have to work with. On average it is approximately 1.3" (35mm).

R&D- Measure and evaluate suspension. This requires the removal and dimensioning of one front and one rear strut/spring assembly and then re-assembled back into the vehicle. (appx time 6 hrs)

Design- Engineering will evaluate the data and produce the appropriate design for that application and forward to manufacturing. (appx time 1 week)

Manufacturing- Manufacturing will schedule machines to produce prototypes. This schedule is not predictable as we have to be conscience of specific wire diameters in the current production schedule. Upon completion, they are shipped to our location for test fit and evaluation. (appx time-unknown)

Fitment & evaluation- Upon receipt of parts we will schedule a date for the test fit and evaluation pending approval of kit you will receive said kit and installation at NO CHARGE

If this is satisfactory to you please reply to this email. If you cannot or do not wish to participate please also reply so that we may contact the next person.


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