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Rate how ulgy you think this car is:

  • there is obviously something wrong with me b/c I like it

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  • don't really care for it

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  • oh my god, it's ugly!

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  • oh my god, it's FUGLY!

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  • please get the hydrochloric acid so I can burn my eyes out

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Ford Synus

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this is the link to the car:

Make sure to check out the other photos of this atrocity.
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Azztec beats it in ugliness. This thing is weird, but not ugly. Reminds me of these Brinks securicars...
Checked out other photos. Yeah, I'd sport one of these. Just put some armored glass, big V8 to push it and sweep little import compacts off the highway with this monster without even noticing.
i would love to drive that thing... fuggin cool as hell
It looks like an ice cream truck for homosexuals.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Feb 2 2005, 03:44 PM
It looks like an ice cream truck for homosexuals.
Nah. The baby green Dodge Ram we saw couple of weeks ago - that thing was what you said...
Did they just really name that car Synus(Sinus)?
yeah, someone f#cked up in the model name brainstorm session.

though, i dont mind the vehicle at all. kinda looks like if playskool made a "my first securicar". i dig the rear slit windows.

yeah, i'd haul some gear in that.
i was going to vote in the poll, but i realized that while there is certainly something wrong with me, it has nothing to do with my liking that car. i want one.
I'm a fan... It's definitely unique and hey... who couldn't use an armored car, right?
Whoever knows when a NYC squeegee guy will go crazy and pull out his 9! Now if they put a Powerstroke Diesel in that bad boy we'd be talking.
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it looks like it'd be real fun from the inside (ie to be driving it)... 45 inch lcd screen? nice. reminds me a bit of a shuttlepod with the back seat styling. the metal (or metal looking) sunshades on the front and side add to the comical brinks securicar likeness. and the name syn-u-s reminds me of that movie "that thing you do" when they had a band and wanted it to be called the "wonders" but they came up with a "one-der" spelling as in number 1, but everyone called them the "oh-needers". lol
Boy Ford took the friggin nasty-disgusting-ugly stick to this one.
I like it so much i would like to vote again.
very true that the pontiac aztek is one of the most hideous out on road but closely behind would be the honda element or the insight.
As for the Ford Synus, I think it looks too bold. I kinda like it but definitly wouldn't plan on buying it.
id rock that, bullet proof of course and talk #### to everyone everywhere lmao
Originally posted by Zygote55@Feb 3 2005, 11:43 PM
Is that a Ford xB?
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off course it is a ford xB. but, its a ford xB with a 45 inch LCD tv in the door.
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