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for those of you with gutterguard grills

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How did you go about fastening the thing to the lower grill area (if you have) and the parts on the side where the plastic plates were?

I can figure out how to get the top part inserted and locked down without too much of a problem, but those bottom ones seem like they're going to be the better part of a bitch to pull off.

Also, did you leave the front end attached or did you take off the whole front bumper? I was looking at grillcraft's install guide and figured that I could pretty much emulate what they did only without spending $300 >..>
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I drilled couple of small holes in the horizontal tabs on the bottom of the chrome trim and in the corresponding tabs in the bumper - put 2-3 self-tapping screwes through these holes. Basically you have to improvise, but it's pretty sturdy now - definitely no chance of it falling out.
so ive got the bumper sitting on my table right now. I basically followed the grillcraft website's install instructions to get the bumper off. I'm lookin to do all 4 grills, which doesn't seem much of a problem for the bottom 3.

The top one, however, is being a bit of a monkey.

I can see the tabs where you drill through, but how did you attach the top of the chrome piece to the bumper? I'm looking at it and the bottom would be secure, but the top would only being held on by the little plastic wedges. Is there any way to secure it?
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