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Fog Lamps Released?

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The McGeorge site now has fog lamps listed ($339).

They're not mounted in the little scoops on the lower corners, they're in the
large radiator inlet of the lower bumber.
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I actually think that they look pretty good where they are, but they don't look like they are of high quality. If they could get ones like the IS300, that would be ideal.
Hmm... I don't like it in that position. If that is the one Scion is offering... I'm gonna get aftermarket ones to put on the fog light cover section.
Hmmm, I think they could grow on me, but I'll prolly hold off for now.
Hmmm. I can do as good at Walmart for far less. If I drop that kind of loot, I want them to look integral, not add on. But perhaps it is a picture thingie. Maybe they work well there. But I won't be dropping the loot until I see it.

Now, if they were asking that for the ones to fit in the two front side scoops, I may be able to convince myself, but not these.

Hey, thanks for sharing!!

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I dunno. I kinda like the position of these.

Not sold though...
i like them. but then again i'm not sure.
hmmm.... i'll have t give it some thought. they remind me of the new ford mustang. it has its fog lights kind of like that but in the top grill i think.
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i'm not too hot on the placement of those lights. are the fog lights that mcgeorge has OEM or another company that designed them to fit out tCs?
McGeorge sells OEM parts. Those lights are me its just to much going on in the front. - t
i'd like to see them in person. that might make a difference with me.
To me they look like those horrible enormous foglights on some of the newer Subarus...
also, im sure a lot of people will be doing custom upper/lower metal grilles or something like that. Those lights look like they attach to a new grill that must be included in the price. Now, anyone who wants a custom lower grill will have to modify it to be shorter while still having the ugly black mounting surrounding units of the fog lights to deal with. Not the best design, come on Scion. - t
well, from the looks of things scion wants you to buy their stuff only, not products from other aftermarket companies, so they don't take stuff like this into consideration. but TCrazy's right, they will lose buyers of these fog lights because they will not fit with aftermarket grills, billet or not.
I always imagined they would be right under the headlights in those two fog light holes... that's where I'd put them, but this might look good. It's hard to say with such zoomed in pictures.
These are the same foglights that come stock on Matrix. In the same exact spot, too.
that's true. they are, aren't they? but what still gets me is those covers under the headlights on the tc are pretty loose. i was full sure that they were going to put the fog lights in those holes. they probably pop out real easy too. has anyone tried to pop them out yet?
Just invest into HID's later on, you'll never need Fog Lights then. Just be sure the cutoff is right.. or you might get a ticket from your local officer,
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I'm a fan of the placement, and I also like the larger size... looks more european... but honestly, they really do look like add ons. I may have the guy that does my body work work on a mold that will fit in a different place and look like it belongs. I'm not sold yet either...
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