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Floor Mats

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Just got my stock floor mats and was curious if anyone has tried to clean them and what they used. I'm sure the carpet will get dirty!

Can they be thrown in the washer?

Any input would be appreciated.
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Yeah, I'd also like to know because mine are starting to turn white from all of the f ucking salt they use up here in ny.

*waits for this to get moved into the cleaning/care section*
Just pull the carpet insert out and keep the rubber mat in there until it's done snowing, that will keep them fresh and salt free.

As for cleaning them, what he said ^
I took out the carpet portion part of my floor mats the second day I had the car. Every once and a while I clean them with soap and water.
Id do a search for this. and try posting it in the cleaning/care section. Thats where it's supposed to be i think.
Originally posted by serith@Jan 14 2006, 03:35 PM
You can take out the carpet part? wtf?
If you have the official tC mats, yes. I took the carpet part out of mine when the first rains of the fall hit.
I did do a search, but it should probably be moved to the cleaning section.

I appreciate the responses that focused on the question at hand.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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