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Fixed my Rattle

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So, much like quite a few others in the forum I had a rattle that seemed to grow worse everyday. Luckily it was pretty clearly coming from the right rear seatbelt area. So I pulled the rear plastic area back. It is just stuck with those plastic clip pins. I pinpointed it to the actual piece that wraps the seatbelt material (its a metal piece held between a part of the frame). I am not sure how it was rattling or if something was loose but there was a 3/4 of an inch gap between the frame holding the wrap thingy and wedged a terry towel between there and the frame. Then I replace the plastic and what do you know, it worked great. No more rattle.

I know this made little or no sense without seeing pix, so I will try to take some this weekend. Hopefully this might help someone else with their rattle if its the same as mine.
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Sometimes you just need to get in there and do whatever it takes.
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