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first time photoshop

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Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune Rim
Tint window, lights
Carbon Fiber Hood
Blackout Grill
short antenna
no door handle

little tC

Limo tC

kinda fake, but i like it
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The little tC looks like a cross of an SL and SLK.
it kinda does huh, never notice that
i like the blue tc, that looks real nice, except for the darkened head lights, its a little TOO dark.
i do like that blue color for the tC. love the darkness to it.
can u hook me up with the link to those wheels i wanna put them on my car
it looks good. im surprised it would look so good on white. check it out.>>>

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hehhehe you know it
those r one of my fav rims, Skyline GT-R Z-Tune rims
Dang, those black rims actually look pretty good on the SW.
any1 like my limo tC???

here is the link where i found the Skyline
Are the passengers suppose to get in through the trunk because I see no door.

Just giving you a hard time.
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lol good 1 phungy didnt even notice that the 1st time
it has a front door...

o well wateva
No, the door is just on the other side... thats how all the new limos are coming. The small tC looks really good, thats a great chop.
wow bro i liked your car a lot , nice car , good choose, it look so mean its so scary
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lol, never though it was scary......
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