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First road trip

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my tC's first (and wont be the last) road trip down to san diego...

this is my favorite stop on the way down...its a in a town called buttonwillow

this is at the hotel we stayed at

this is the random sign they have for people trying to jump the border...

Yum! look at all those bugs!
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Nice car. I've seen that sign before and thought it was a joke but I guess not.
buttonwillow rocks! that name is priceless. i always eat at their denny's. that sign is funny too--i always thot it was kinda far from the border for them to still be running.
buttonwillow is the weirdest stop! that gas station literally has a wall of buttons...a group of us go down to LA and San Diego every summer and one time we HAD to stop there after just stopping so its the stop you dont want to make but you have to cuz now its tradition....and yes that sign is totally far from the border...i can understand having it in like chula vista or something..but that sign is in like camp pendelton area...two of my favorite things about the drive to san diego.
HELLO! I was planning on buying a scion, but I don't know if I like the white one or the flint mica bettter. Do you have more pictures? Please? Thanks!!
nice! buttonwillow? thats such a weird name....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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