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well i've been lurking around here for quite a while, registered a while back to search around for info, i've made a few random posts here and there.. great forum, full of usefull info, good guys, and a crap load of sarcasm

but yes, i FINALLY took the step and bought a freakin tC! and boy did i get lucky! I went to the dealer, there was one bcp on the floor.. but i was lookin for a BSP.. two mins into my little convo with the salesman, another guy steps in and says there's a 5MT BSP tC coming in tomorrow!... i must say, i almost wept
but yes, as of tomorrow i will FINALLY be a proud owner of a bsp tc!
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yeah i know.. so sad

mainly it was me just reading along seeing what everyone thought of the car, and gathering info on the car, etc etc. that and i wasn't sure if i was gonna have to stick with my old ride..

but one day.. one day.. i'll be no1 poster of the day too
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after u get ur car, u will DEFINITELY post ALOT more
Well I guess it's a little late to welcome you to the site but congrats on the purchase.
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