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Ever since I got my tC back in December, every time I see another one I wave.
With the exeption of a friendly wave back from a middle aged woman pulling out of the dealership as I pulled in, everyone seems too cool to wave back or even acknowledge me. Seems to be mostly young guys late teens early twenties driving these things around here, so I'm not really all that suprised. Happened to be down in Seattle over the weekend and drove past the University of Washington. A tC was pulling out as I drove by and I gave him a thumb up. He returned it and restored my faith in humanity.
Okay there's my story.
Hey tC owners in Northwest Washington. Quit being so cool and wave for crying out loud.
No one will think you're less of a tough guy.
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depends on the sorta wave i get . this is ok
, no "will and grace" waves please
. i tend to feel a little to feminine waving to guys as i drive past, but i will give the classic head tilt to anyone with a nice ride or a Tc, if im in ours that is.
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Here in the South everybody waves back
Actual pulled up next to an xB and the guy started revving up I rolled down the window and told him I couldn't do it, I would feel a little guilty leaving him in the dust. The guy didn't thought the tC was just like the xB with only a 100hp I told him I had about 60 more than him. I am starting to notice a few more xA's rolling around but it's not the younger crowd its the poor crowd thats driving them. This one older lady who looked like the size of the xB driving one. But the dealer told me that a lot of people with little to no money or horriable credit are buying the xA's just because thats all they can afford.
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I'm a Jeep Wrangler owner too...and Wrangler drivers almost always wave at each other. It's a very old tradition with them.

I say: Wave if you want to. If they don't wave be it.
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