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Finally Here!

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Well... after 1 month & 2 days our Indigo Ink Pearl 5spd tC is finally here!!!

On the first review of my g/f's credit Scion wanted to give us 10.5% financing
... so we went somewhere else (local bank) and got 6.25%
.... the car came in today about 12:30pm & now our dealer tells us he can more than likely get us a better APR than 6.25%!!!
WOW... looks like they really want our business.... we'll see what happens & I'll post some pics if it's still daylight when we get back!!!
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1 month wait is nothing, especially for a 5-speed. Congrats!

Of course... the dealer didn't listen when I asked them NOT to drill holes in the front bumper & NOT to put their badge on the rear.
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oh man. I HATE when the dealer drills the holes. I'll leave the car at the dealer and make them put on a new bumper before I let them get away with that crap. Stupid shady dealers.
the holes... i don't understand why everybody is so pissed because of the holes.
couldn't you just fill them up with something and just use that marker-thingy (somebody said they got it from the dealer to cover small scratches) to cover it up? is it really that great of a deal?

and the badge - it was discussed already somewhere on this forum, that it's not too hard to debadge it...

tho i agree, dealer shouldn't do something you specifically ASK them NOT to do.
i agree. kick them in the nuts. my dealer did the same (sticker on rear) :-(
I think it's more of a sign of what you can expect in the future from that dealership should you choose to go back to them...
hrm... im gonna have to search about getting my baby debadged!!! .. dont really want my dealer logo.. its OoGLiE... but at least i dont have drilled holes in the front bumper.. !!! hey funkyfresh.. what's that thing you said at the home depot where you can attach the front plate w/o drilling holes?
very nice ride!

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