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finally got my FM baby cleaned up for pics

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I've been waiting for some nice weather so that i could wash/wax/pamper my new baby and finally got a break this weekend. Here's a link to some pics that I took. I think I got a little obsessive, but oh well. There's also some pics of my first appearance mod in there...I painted the calipers silver. Hope the pics are easy to get to.

Oh, FYI I got stuck driving when Ivan hit Atlanta, it handled the storm really well. I was very impressed with the performance...I'd like to say is was all because of the driver, but have to give the car most of the credit!
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Very nice car! I like the calipers -- subtle, but a nice little appearance modification. I dunno about that whole Auburn thing, though...GO DAWGS!
Is the original caliber color white? Is it ugly? For a second I thought your silver caliber was the original color until I re-read your post. Nice!
I like the silver painted calipers. Was thinking to do mine red, but silver looks much classier. Great job.
I'm thinking about copying your calipers, as a matter of fact...

yet it's so funny to read about Ivan here and there, in different contexts.. just my name happens to be ivan as well
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Nice ride. It's so clean, unlike mine.
SilverX, the original color of the calipers is a flat dark grey color...silver is much nicer

Thanks for the comments! Glad you like her.
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Originally posted by trinity@Sep 21 2004, 05:41 AM
SilverX, the original color of the calipers is a flat dark grey color...silver is much nicer

Thanks for the comments! Glad you like her.
how did you go about painting the calipers?
The caliper paint was actually a "new car" present. I can find out exactly what it was and let you know later. Anyway, it came in a box that contained: your paint color of choice (a small can), a mixing stick, a paint brush, and a can of cleaner for the brake components.
I jacked up one side of my car and removed both tires. I used the cleaner spray to clean off the calipers, even though I had only driven for a couple days, better to be safe than sorry. Let that dry for a couple minutes. Then mixed up the paint and used the paint brush to paint the caliper. The box of stuff comes with idiot-proof directions. You just need to make sure you don't paint the brake lines and other non-caliper stuff in the area. Oh, it also says to take the brake pad off...nonsense, just don't go too crazy with the paint and it won't be a problem.
After letting one side of the car dry for about an hour I put the tires back on and repeated the steps on the other side of the car. Because I was also washing the car prior to this, I made sure that everything was dry before doing any of this (mostly, I made sure the rims were completely dry before putting them back on). Good luck!
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oh, and I put two coats on each caliper...painting the front, then the back. By the time I was done with the back, the front had dried, so I continued painting both with the second coat. Then let that dry for about an hour.

ok, found the info on the kit.

Duplicolor caliper paint
comes in a box with the stuff mentioned above
comes in black, red, silver and yellow
$12.99 at advanced auto parts

I'm not sure if the name of the stuff has "kit" or some derivation of that in it. You should be able to find it with the rest of the name that I'm sure of.
Thanks for the great info, trinity! At that price, I will definitely have to try this myself. Now I just have to decide whether red or silver would look better with flint mica...I love the look of your silver ones, but I think red would look great too.
Thanks a bunch Trinity. that explantion rocks. and at that price i am all over it.. thanks again
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