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finally got my 06 sw tc!

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hey guys.. i finally got my tc about 2 days ago and cant stop driving it.. i love this car and the 2 month wait was def worth it ha

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Cool ride , sweet, welocome
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Man,when they first released pics of those TYC taillights, I thought they were the most horrific looking lights ever made, but you definitely proved me wrong. Those lights complement the white perfectly. The car is HOT,keep up the good work!
Hey Apic02, sweet SW tC man. Those TYC tail lights are really awsome, I think I might just have to get them as well. (Have a SW). How much did they run?

Keep us posted on what you do with it, and I know what you mean...I've been driving mine so much since I got it 3 weeks ago.
thanks for the comments.. yea i was thinking about tinting them most likely will do that.. hopefully soon..
thanks aj2k3.. im pretty sure i got them somewhere around 375.. im hoping to add tints and couple other things to the car.. nothing to much i would like to keep it as sleek and simple as i can.. haha yea this car is great..
good luck with ure SW too..
Could you take some more pics of the tc with the tail lights. I have a sw and i am unsure as to if i want the other tail lights. Thanks!

p.s Good luck with it.
here are some that i took with the other pics i posted.. if u want some more just tell me and ill take em..

thanks.. good luck with yours too!
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those lights are ugly, and im not fond of the spoiler. but i like the color if that helps.
Are you from NJ? Just wondering bc i saw your dealer sticker....Thanks for the pics too!
ya.. northern nj.. bergen county how about you?
Southern Jersey, near LBI
The lights dont look too bad on your car (i guess since its white)... but i dont think they match all that much with the darker colors...
I think it will look better with darker tailight, just my 2 cent, nice car i like the white first choice
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thanks for ure input guys.. yea im thinking about tinting the lights sooner or later its a matter of how quick i can get the money..
where in bergen county you live? i use to live around there. it isnt to far from my county either. nice ride
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Nice ride, nice color
spoiler and talights are garbage.. good color though... drop it hard..
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