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Finally got it fixed!

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Just got a call from my dealership that they got the '05 radio they gave me switched out for the '06. I was supposed to take it in on Friday, but they decided that they wanted to wait till the shop manager was there, because apparently none of the service people had ever installed an '06 HU. They had to special order it because all they had was the '05s. I wonder how many other people got the wrong one. hah. Anyway, I took it in last night and got an '05 Corolla as a loaner. Now I just have to wait till I get off work to go back and pick up the tC.

Seems like a lot of hassle for something that only took them about an hour to do. hah. Oh well.
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well at least now ur gonna have ur '06 hu. lot of people have gotten '05 hu's installed, my friend for one. i still don't know if he took it back to the dealer.
Can I have your '06 HU?
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When I went to buy my tC, I told the sales person about the iPod stereo. Even he and the manager did not know what I was talking about.

Lucky that this is a nice dealer and they went inside to do some studies. They came out and told me about the price which I already knew.
i dont know how some of the sales staff dont know the products they are selling, especially the manager
oh this is funny.. don't know how to install a radio.. um.. let's see.. 4 bolts holding it in.. um.. two wiring harness matched up to corresponding holes.. wow look kids it's easy, it's like kindergarten
and this takes a manager? i am definitely laughing now, will all the other technician kids take notes?
oh brother...
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Haha. I guess they just aren't used to installing the '06 radios, because you have to connnect it to the AUX jack in the center console, and there's a special hook up for the ambient sound volume adjusting, but I thought that was in most new cars anyway.

But I got the car back, so it's all good. I like the looks of the new one better too. The old one seemed cluttered, especially at night. There were just too many lights all over it.
yeah from the pictures i've seen the 06 looks a lot nicer.. hey does it sound any different than the 05? louder? clearer? anything different?
I don't really notice any difference in the clarity of the sound. It has the same SSP, but I think I read somewhere that it had DSP (digital sound processing, I'm assuming) as well, but I didn't see any buttons for that or anything. What I like about it is that it has ASL (ambient sound level), so you can set it so that it gets louder as you drive. That way you won't have to turn the volume up when your on the highway. There's 3 different levels of ASL, or you can turn it off.
yeah the DSP is just renamed SSP (scion sound processing).. but the ambient volume is a pretty nice touch for a car in this class.. but always nice to know they let you turn it off.. cool radio
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