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Ladies and gentlemen:

Very simple, what is the overall anti theft device for our precious car? Please hold the obvious (dont park it outside/dont buy one, etc.). Price not being a factor, what device or devices should be used to secure a street parked car that is not always in the line of sight. I read a very good post of things not to do to get your car stolen, now we need things to install in the car. Lets face it, our cars may be vandalized anywhere but we can use devices or tricks to slow them down and/or minimize damages. What security devices are you guys knowledgeable of for this task, i.e. GPS tracking, LowJack, Viper alarms, custom tricks, etc. THANKS.

BTW, I'm from Jersey City, so I def need and electric discharge alarm or something.
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Fuel cut off, Ign kill, Starter kill, back up battery, hood lock, horn honk, air horns, paging alarm, gps tracking, seperate kill switch(not from alarm) tilt sensor, perimeter sensor. Brand doesn't necessarilary matter. Viper,python, sidewinder,clifford,hornet, avital are all made by DEI and are the same. Compustar is probably the best choice for remote start on manual transmissions although the security is not the best and they have been getting worse with reliabilty. Other alarms may work and last for a bit, but they don't have the fit and finish of the DEI products. I only buy DEI and if I cant have that then its Compustar. Aladdin A2000, Lynx2000, Airworf and others are not as good. Don't get me started on the cheap junk on ebay. Its on ebay for a reason. They're to cruddy to get a distributor.
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This man is a genious. It may take some time, money and research but it well worth it. I have seen the shocked face of people when they get up in the morning and their car is gone. Its not a pretty site. I would be the first one to admit, I would cry on the spot, then start shooting.
[ I would be the first one to admit, I would cry on the spot, then start shooting.]
Amen brother.
After you see the coolest bike you ever built flipping through the air like a toothpick at 100+ mph as it smashes itself to bits, the whole possessive thing about vehicles fades rapidly. Crying doesn't help, neither does shooting. Someday you'll understand...
I like the "Mad Max" vehicle security system:

Attach and wire plastic explosive to the gas tank.
Hey lo bux, then why bother?? If you're not willing to accept your most precious possesion's destruction, live in peace and dont own it. Otherwise cherish it and hope you dont have to see an idiot breaking in to it. Better yet, dont put yourself in the position to lose your bike at 100+.
I may not know what I'm talking about, but doesn't every tC come with something that disables the starter whenever you lock the door? It may be sheer ignorance talking, but that seems pretty good to me. As for valuables inside the car, I'd like to know what's the best system to use to protect those. And a lil side question, would people prefer that I introduce my self through the new member portion of the forum before poppin' my 2 cents in here and there?
The key has to be present for the car to kick over (key has a signal it puts out) Can this be bypassed yes it can. The Bugs have the same thing except its not on the key its a chip under the dash you can remove (which is pointless because if you lose it your walking)

Sorry to say this but alarms keep people honest. If a thief wants your car he/she is getting it. GPS yeah they are nice but can be bypassed with a simple modified car cover. Rims take 2 mins to rip off a car. Alarms can be bypassed without setting off the alarm.

If price is not a factor then hire big man to sit in the back seat 24/7
In all reality get a viper alarm. Decked out and you'll be fine. Nothing will ever stop a thief just get good insurance

I could go on all day long on how to bypass security systems, specially rims and cars with remote start

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Forgot the security cameras that start recording and record to a hard drive stored away secretly. Your own little "black box".
I concur Michael. If a thief wants your car, they'll get it. I know of people's car being TOWED off the street. That's why the new Lowjack is good. You set the distance you allow your car to travel, if it leaves that radius, the system will page you/call you/e-mail you until it gets you. Remember those valet guys in "Ferris Beuler's Day Off", yeah, to stop that. BTW, Boricua, try to conceal as much as you can inside. Nothing will stop a thief from breaking your glass window and snatching an easily visible lcd screen. Read this: And welcome to the community.
Forget towing! How about they wait by your car and take your keys from you at gun point. That why I used to have a hidden starter button. That way I bone out to get the cops while he's still trying to start it.
I 've been installing acr alarms for 13 years in Tacoma and it is like #5 in the nation for car theft. I've heard all kinds of stuff. Even had a buddies car stolen and we did the alarm up pretty good and hid it very well. They even took the alarm. But he didn't have a back up battery. Once they get your hood up its all over. And Lo Jack....if they know you have it they know where to look. Once they rip that out its over too. Most of the cars they recover are probably joy rides. The intention was just to borrow the car and they're probably stock hondas. Most modded cars never return. Choped up an thrown in the river or burned (removes finger prints)
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Originally posted by Cmorales6@Jun 8 2005, 07:25 PM
This man is a genious. It may take some time, money and research but it well worth it. I have seen the shocked face of people when they get up in the morning and their car is gone. Its not a pretty site. I would be the first one to admit, I would cry on the spot, then start shooting.
No kiddding my 99 Malibu was stolen the day I left to come to my Unit...I want to avoid this crap...
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There is one good way to prevent your car from being stolen allthough it puts you in risk of being sued and thrown in prison. You can wire a spare car battery to your alarm and to the metal of your car. So when the alarm activates it turns on the battery. When the person touches the car they get a nice shock. We did it on my last honda, used a cheap alarm and when the alarm went off instead of activating an alarm it sent power to the cars frame. But then one day during a rain storm a cat jumped on the car and well it's heart stopped. The jolt it put out was hard enough to make you think twice. Remeber tazers only use 9 volt batteries. I was using a car battery. It hurt! Trust me.

That is the biggest bunch of $%$#^ I've ever heard. I have been wiring car alarms for 13 years and I have been working with electronics on a daily basis for 9 years. Wired a 12V battery to what??? At best you could maybe spend the time to isolate a panel from the car and use a coil or something to provide a shock. Just wiring a battery to the cars panel is called a "short".

For a peroson or aniumal to shock them selves they would ahve to be touching to isolated panels at the same time. And these panels would ahve to be seperate from each other and seprate form the car. Isolated by plastic at all mounting points. I spend about 20 hours or more on my own cra alrms and I would never consider this.

If you don't know anything, then don't talk. People come here for information not rumors and urban legends.
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Poor cat, he was not even real and had to die. WHYYYYyyyyyyy!!!!!?????</span>
Your right it takes a lot more than just making a short. I am not going into great detail on how we did it. But yes when you touched my door handle the car gave you a shock of your life time. that made sure you didn't want to steal it. I had 4 hot spots on my car, one on each door handle, sunroof had a wire going around it and the trunk lid had a spot under it.

Google Autotazer and you'll see a lot of similar products that work just as well and doesn't require any funky wiring. Allthough I would check to see if it is legal in your state. Anything can be done just have to sit down and work on it.

On my last car I also had relay switches set up. One was used to set off a cap that sounded like a 12gauge shotgun going off. That didn't last long because I had gun powder and melting spots on parts of the car where the thing would go off.
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I have a question.. Forgive me for being somewhat uneducated.. but i am only 17, and with my '06 tC coming very shortly, I am quite alarmed by all these security concerns.. What exactly is a Viper alarm system that everyone is ranting and raving about? I need a good security systems because i plan on putting a strong bass bottom and amp in my trunk... A alarm person by my house is going to be installing an alarm, cutoff switch, and remote start along with the paging remote keychain thing.. Is this enough? He said he can do it all for roughly 300$...?
Mr. Flint,
Have you thoroughly read this post? There is no such thing as enough (to prevent theft or vandalism) when it comes to cars. You can only minimize damage and/or prolong the time it takes them to completely steal your ish. You have a pretty good security system if you installing what you descriped-THE RIGHT WAY. The paging remote keychain thing, that's like a Viper Alarm, you can do a search on google. And $300 seems a bit steep for TWO installations, if you have the right alarm/remote start, that should be ONE installation, the cuttoff another. So lets say $100 each. Dont get jacked Jack. You live in Queens?? I suggest you go down to Jerome Ave. in the Bronx any day before 9pm and you can get installations/accesories for cheap. Make sure you go to more than one shop. Research is your friend, be one with it.
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Queens, New York didn't they just make car alarms illegal to have in NY? Or are they still trying to work on that law? If so I would just get a GPS tracking device from DEI and/or silent alarms.

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