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Filling up at Mc'Deeez

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I think i've had it with gas.

i wan't the conversion so i can top off at mcdonlads... straight oil.

Kidding, but are these systems legit? and how does it really work, how efficient are they, and what kinda milage/power do they get.

i seem to be google-tarded tonight ( can't find what im looking for) but figured some Cali people probably know what or how these veg. oil powered cars go, and how you can modify a gas powered to run off it? ( i imagine a diesel would be easier to convert)

thoughts to ponder, not leading anywhere im afraid.
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I'm holding out for mini-nuclear reactors right there underneath the hood. Uranuim stockpile problem? Bull. Fire it into the sun.
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as far as i know, you can only do it with a diesel. search "grease car" on google, or just go here. i've been looking into it for some time now, but diesels don't work so good in the northeast in the winter. free fuel is a pretty sweet deal, though, so if you've got a VW or Merc, it's awsome. there's two ways you can go, inject straight (filtered) veggi oil into a pre-heated engine, or manfacture your own bio-diesel from the oil, with some methenol and lye thrown in. there's a lot more info out there in the ether. take a look.
its only for desiel cars and trucks..there is something called Bio-Diesel...They had it on Trucks before
You make it yourself at home and cost about 70cents a gallon..Do a google search for Bio Desiel
Bio-Diesel is not a new thing, it has been around for was on trucks a few weeks ago, but you sure don't need all that stuff to do it. I know a guy that has been doing it for almost 20 years, most of the old grease he gets for free. He says it costs him about $0.40 a gallon not including the cost of the equipment. He said his mileage actually went up, but horsepower seemed to go down a little bit.
Willie Nelson's has two vehicles that are Bio-Diesel.
I'm just gonna wait for the Mr. Fusion that comes mounted to a DeLorean.
1.21 Jiggawatts and flux capacitors!
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