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Well my buddy started building me a custom box for my TC. I'm putting in two 12" w6v2 and arc audio 1500xxk and kar400.4 Just barely finished the first layer of fiberglass. took quite a bit of pictures. so for those who are interested, ill keep you guys posted on more pics once project completed.

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Man O man that looks like it will be a sweet box. I cant wait to see the finished outcome. Are you going with any special tub top or will it be plain jane flat top with carpet?
im still thinking about what to do with it. im really indecisive about everything. im going to bondo the inside today.
detour6931 dont post my pic foooooooooo. UUUUUuu Suck!!!!!!!!! Your box is never going to get done now!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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