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Felt window seal when gettting windows tinted

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Hey gang. Got the windows tinted Saturday and i finally rolled the windows down today. When they tint the doors they pushed down the felt piece that the widow slides in. The part at the top of the door panel. he did this so he could tint the window all the day down. Well after rolling my windows down and back up that seal caught and pulled out. So just an FYI if the place that will be tinting your windows does this you may want to have them remove the door panels before hand. But it also could be an isolated case with me. I have bad luck in every aspect. So once i get to taken the door panel off i guess i can do a write up on how to do it. Guess i can also lend some info about the door speakers.
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Thanks for the info C!ph3r. Tinting the windows will be the first thing I plan to do when the ship finally rolls in.
i fixed mine the otther day just havnt had time to do the right up.
Just ask your tinter to pull the rubbers back up before you leave the tint shop. They did it for me, no prob.
Hmmm....yeah so that happened to me, stupid me didn't pay attention before I left the tint I pulled the window seal up myself, I'm gonna have to tell them to take the door panel off or the tint on the window is all scratched, and my window squeals when I roll it up....I'm really bummed....needless to say...going to the tint shop tomorrow to get them to fix it!!!

This happened to me too... I just got my windows tinted on Sunday and the felt/rubbers are not fitting properly. I specifically asked the tinter to pull the felt back up because this had happened to my fiance too. I couldn't really test the felt/rubber until today when I rolled down my windows for the first time.

The passenger side window is not working properly... the rubbers are being pushed against the door panel.... causing the window to make odd noises when closing. I guess you can say they are kinda popping up. The drivers side window was ok this morning... and when I tried again this afternoon, it started getting stuck as well. It wasn't as bad as the passenger side but it was definitely scraping against the tint/window. I could see marks on the window where the pressure was...

My tinter will look at it tomorrow or Friday when my tC is in the shop for some plastic surgery. I asked a few people and their felt/rubbers worked fine once the tinters pulled them up. I'm just wondering what happened to mine and my fiance's tCs. We had them done at different places too...

Anyone else with this problem??? Any suggestions on how to fix it???
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I know how to fix it. Go back to the place that tinted the windows and say they screwed up your "rubbers".
I have tinted windows for the last 15 years.
All you or the tinter have to do is pull the plastic at the front corner or the door off,
pull back on the top of the door panel, and the felt will lift straight up off of the door.
Start at the back and when you get most of it up...slide it towards the back and
lift it the rest of the way off.

Reverse process when done.

No dirt or scratches on the film when you roll it down and back up with the felt pushed down.

Don't pull out too hard at the will deform the plastic around the door handle.
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I'm glad I read this before going to gey my 5%
When i got mine tinted, the guy just took off the whole internal panel of the door after i had told him about the second rubber. It was easily done with no mistakes.
ocscion, i like your avatar...alot
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