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Factory Sub - Is it worth getting?

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Hey guys, and gals

I get my flint mica in a week, so I need to know real quick, do any of you have the factory sub? Is it worth it? I'm not going to get all crazy with the sound system, so I thought that adding the sub would be a simple upgrade to the sound. But it's 500 bucks!
So lemme know everybody, what you think? Hey Damon youre the salesman what do you think???? Sell many of these? Is there a noticable difference?

Oh and this is my FIRST post
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I go back and forth on this one. I'm not planning on adding a killer system as the stock deck seems fine for me. But I'm still intrigued by the additional sub. On the downside, it covers up a great little storage area in the back.

I'n hoping that someone will have one for me to check out at Scion Night this Friday. Best way to determine what you want to do: check out someone else that's already done it.
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no the sub is a horrible waste of your money it sounds horrible and is made by an even more horrible company, this is trash for your money.
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based on what a lot of people on here have said, no
No... if you're gonna get a sub... pay the money to get something better and get it custom made to fit the tC.
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I just got an Infinity Basslink 200watt class D self powered Sub. Lemme tell ya for something soooo small and only 200 watts this thing THUMPS in the tC, I have the thing only about 1/8 of the way turned up and it hits nicely without overpowering the actual music. I'll try to get some pics up sometime.
I am waiting for my sub to arrive this week so I can install it. (cheaper that way and it comes with great instuctions $270 from It is rated at 150 watts which should be plenty for the tC it is still a small car. and the box is made for the tC and fits into the passenger side of the trunk. I have read reviews that say good and bad..... I think it depends on your taste. I just want to hear all the music, I dont need to be heard miles away
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Thanks everyone,
I was thinking 500 was a truckload for a sub. Only problem is that Im not gonna add some big ol custome sub enclosure, no space
thats why I was considering the sub. And I too dont wanna be hear a mile away I just want a good clean sound. I'll check out that infinity sub bro, thanks for the recomendation!
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well yeah $500 is a joke for a sub.. i was at the dealer they were installing one.. get this.. the sub speaker material is PAPER!! not even a poly woofer! So forget it.. you want to wire up one.. you can get a self-amplified from crutchfield for like $200 or so.. so save your money and buy an aftermarket add on if you really want one.. besides the stock one prevents you from getting your spare tire! no thanks.. infinity is a good brand to check out..
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