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I just drove back down to my dealership to talk to them about my stereo. They installed the '05 into my 2006 Tc instead of the '06 headunit. I went with my sales rep. to the parts department and we showed him the 'build your own' page that showed a clearly different stereo then what I had installed. He pulled up the Tc parts spreadsheet on his computer and it only shows 2 part numbers for Tc stereo's. The stock one and the 6 disc changer upgrade. Obviously those are the '05 parts and not '06 since the 2006 doesn't even offer a 6 disc changer.

Does anyone have the 2006 Tc stock stereo factory part number? I want my stereo installed properly and I need the number to prove to them that I am correct. The parts guy kept saying that Toyota was only sending them '05 HU's to get rid of them and that they were not sending out any new '06 HU's (which is obviously false since I have seen pictures of you guys with '06 stereo's installed).

The sales rep. was really sympathetic and wants to get this corrected for me but until he or I can get our hands on a part number we are stuck. All I have is T1807, which is stamped on the front of the 06 stereo, but I don't think that is the official factory part number.


1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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