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Factory or Aftermarket

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I go to get my tC today and I am just curious if most of you are pleased with the factory headunit or a after market?
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I would have to say I am pleased with my current head unit but one of these weeks I am going to change it out for my customizable sound and electronics.
I felching HATE IT. I had a matrix before this car that had a crappy Delphi GM radio in it and it had more ball$ that this unit does. Maybe it is just the speakers, but I have not been happy with it. I bought my tc on saturday. I know about changing the profiles of it, but that doesnt help, it helps some, but not enough.
I hate to say it, but I think r2tc is either on crack or hasn't messed with the settings enough. The factory HU is very powerful and produces pretty darn good sound. I stuck with it for 7 months before replacing it, and it wasn't really necessary when I did so.
Yeah I agree he hasn't really adjusted it or fine tuned it enough to really know I would say...I am going to wait a while before I replace mine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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