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Factory Lip Kit

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Man after looking at all the kits out there for the tc, I think I'll be happy with the factory lip kit. Was also considering the Kaminari but I don't want it to look anything like a riced out import. Now for the question at hand: who thinks its worth $1k. It does make it look pretty clean. So does anyone regret forking out the cash for it? If so would you have kept it stock or have gone with another kit? Thanks for your time and opinions.
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I think that it looks really nice. Having said that, I have mine stock. I just had it lowered with the TRD shocks/springs and I think that it looks pretty sharp. I MAY put the factory lip kit on, but honestly, because I didnt buy it with the car, I probably wont, because it really has no functional value except for looks... Which is why I chose the upgrades that I did.

Hope that helps.
Bought my SSM because it was on the lot with the kit already on it.

'nuff said.

No disrespect, Ed... I think that it looks sweet, it's just something that I probably wont do because now, the money is out-of-pocket.
Oh my comment was directed towards Rob, not you!

Say, what color are your tCs? (Rob and Mikey)? I think that white looks better without the kit!

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To help paint a better picture my car is black, 30% tint, with the trd suspension kit. Also added a megnaflow catback 2 weeks ago. I guess I wouldn't mind spending the money out of pocket. To me, it's money spent either way. Just focused on buying some snow tires at this time. The spring is when I want the lip kit and some new rims. Still undecided on a good looking rim, maybe black. Heck, the smart thing for me to do would be to throw all the money at the loan.
EddNog, just finished looking at your car and man does it look good! But with my car being black it might hind the lip kit. A little off topic: what would you think of a silver grill contrasting on a black car?
Originally posted by Robs_tc@Nov 1 2005, 01:18 PM
EddNog, just finished looking at your car and man does it look good! But with my car being black it might hind the lip kit. A little off topic: what would you think of a silver grill contrasting on a black car?
maareeaa's car is sort of like that (lower grille is stock painted silver, upper grille they're working on) and I think it is a great idea; to me, the contrast works well and helps the eye out--too much black is too much black. If you're going for that ultimate stealth look though, it wouldn't work out. Also, silver grilles on a black car with black wheels isn't too hot an idea; if you so the silver grilles, don't do the black wheels, since it seems confused.


I have the silver with the TRD suspension kits (springs/shocks). It's a nice drop and handles really well. I do like the car with AND without the ground effects. It's a nice drop and still makes the car look sleek without the kit. I dunno, that's just my thought. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply.
I think the lip kit looks good. That said, I personally wouldn't get it because I think the tC lip looks good stock too and I don't have the money to spend on the lip kit.
i love the lip kit, but it's not worth $1000. thats almost what a full bodykit costs. stupid dealer markup.
i love the kit but cant justify the price!

well i would take it if the OTD cost will b under 19k, with lip kit and lip spoiler
consider that the kit is painted!
Painted and installed for $1k does make it sound better but it's still a lot. Whether or not it makes the car look better is probably something I'm going to be thinking about for a while.
i think lowering it is enough to give it that good look. i dont think the kit is worth it unless you bought it with it on
I love my lip spoiler!!
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i agree very much that the lip kit gives the car a certain edge with its looks but i also cant justify paying 1k for a lip kit painted, installed or otherwise. but if you are planning on getting it i have one pc. of advise to those of you wanting it. make sure you evaluate the way your streets are where you live. especially if you are planning on lowering your car. where im at it just wouldnt work very well together.
When i went to get my TC the dealers pulled out a book that showed with and with out lip kit and out of 3 sale's men none could tell the difference. I actually had to point it out to them. So nah i dont think it's worth the grand if the people selling them cant even see the difference with out it being pointed out LoL.
my friends who lower their cars usually get just the front lip kit... this way if they scratch their car they only scratch the lip which is a part that's detachable. It's also easy and cheap to repaint.

Edit: well you could also scratch the undercarriage and exhaust if you're really not careful...
If anyones going to get the lip kit, go to and get it. It will save you some money.
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