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Expanding Factory LED Lighting

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Does anyone know how to add additional light bars on the factory set? I want to add two light bars for the backseats and possible add a led for each cup holder in the back. I would like to have it wired into the existing light switch and have the sequenced the same. If anyone has any advice or has done this, please post some pics and lend some feedback.
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the only way i can think of would be to t-tap onto the wires on the front light bars for your rear light bars and t-tap onto the wires for the cupholders
Yeah thats what i'm thinking. I would feel better seeing some pics from others that may have done this.
what kind of pictures do u the pics of all the lights on or pictures of the actual splicing into the wires?
I would like to see how you mounted them, wiring, and maybe a pic or two of them on.
Months and months later, I wouldn't mind seeing a how to on expanding on the oem lights.

Any of the electrically inclined among us able to guide me to a website for dummies on t-tapping?
I started work on that awhile back, but never finished. I do have an additional light hooked up in the rear on the passenger's side, and all I did was splice into the power wires for the factory kit.
pretty much all of your lighting questions can be answered over at the Onzium board ( hope that helps!
Thanks, Bobby Lee. Just browsed the site briefly, but it looks very helpful.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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