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I'm thinking about buying the Precision Muffler Axle-Back Exhaust. I was wondering if anyone had any input on this. Also I was thinking about buying the K&N Cold Air Intake, same question. Any info? It would much appreciated.
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I know first hand that the K & N Cold air intake is on serious backorder, and I know that you might be able to spot one on Ebay. Secondly, I ave not heard of precision mufflers axle back exhaust. Thats why I am waiting for the AEM intakes to be realeased whenever thats going to be...cheesh.

Most people here would say go with the TRD muffler from TRD Sparks . But I got a magnaflow axle back exhaust and it sounds awesome to me....but its all opinion related.
whats a link to the magnaflow axle back exhaust?
just go to and look for universal mufflers on the products menu
the precision muffler is a magnaflow IIRC.
Yeah wow this is really really old
The Precision Muffler Magnaflow setup is quiet, more so than the TRD exhaust.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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