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Originally posted by goldenchild@Aug 18 2005, 12:14 AM
answer me this then, sometimes when I switch gears while driving there is this clunk sound like its engaging everytime I switch gears, does this sound eventually go away or what...cause in my honda it never happened and it sounds like it clicks after engaging the gear when releasing the clutch...

no I don't over rev the engine before I release the clutch, I drive it just like my honda nice and easy when engaging the clutch.
a clunk? yeah i heard this when i test drove a couple manual tC's.. it was definitely an issue of either the linkage, or the synchronizers in the transmission.

your honda didn't do it because the syncho's were working properly. When the synchros went bad in my civic, i had that sort of "clunk" noise.. associated with a little grinding too.. but at 103,000 miles I guess something had to give. lol

i would take it to a good dealer and show them.. a lot of manual tc owners with transmission problems have ended up getting a whole new manual transmission installed, no more problems. I think there is a bad batch of manuals out there. unfortunate for you, sorry..

Others may say it's "normal" but any clunking and clicking in a transmission is NOT normal to me.. never.. so try a good dealer to get it fixed..
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