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the S/C does put more strain on the motor cause it uses a belt. and i put $6,450 in my TC above purchase. $2400 more than a toyota installed S/C, but about 150 ho more as well. and i trust my work over a idiot that works at toyota, who overtightens lugnuts, and uses oil filter wrenches to put oil filters ON. ho and BTW, in that almost 20k miles of boost, it includes :driving back home to pa (from utah) and back, driving to baltimore, to north carolina, driving to cali recently. not to mention the runs up the canyon redlining every gear, taking it to the drag races this past summer. so no they havent been the most easy miles for the car. my compression is the same. no oil leakage, jacked up axles(which BTW only comes from people using drag slicks). so to ME the extra $6450 (which still puts me under 25K for the car) is SOOOOO much worth it, when i can go out and hand a 350Z his ass on a silver platter. then go bitch slap a STI. with a car that cost half of theirs (before modding)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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