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^^JDangle^^Why wouldn't you use a filter wrench when the manual specifies a torque for it?

What you did cannot be done by 99% of the people who own these cars for the same money. Just like my flywheel install cost me practically nothing, but everyone else not in NorCal has to pay about the same money they paid for the flywheel to get the install done.

And if you move to California, you will be restoring the car to stock or selling it out of state. You will not be able to continue cheating by registering out of state because the CHP keeps an eye on that stuff, and has for years. I know lots of guys who tried to register their Supras in Oregon or Nevada to bypass smog and got cited or impounded. Smog inspection is fundamental to registration, and you will not pass smog with that configuration. There's a reason I've been looking to leave CA for some time now...
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