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Has anyone been experiencing engine ping or knock with your TC? I've got over 4000 miles on mine and I've already changed the oil once. The ping/knock was heard while I was driving with the windows down and shifting into second on a hill. It was a brief knocking/ it hesitated. I then took it to a less traveled road and got on it a little, pushing the pedal to the floor. No knock. No ping. what the hell. I stopped at a dead stop and took off. I shifted hard into second, pressing the pedal all the way into the even shorter knock/ping was audible when shifting. I then took the car in to have the oil changed for the first time... I've read the manual and I know the car takes a minimum of 87 octane.
Since the oil change I've added a new tank of gas along with some fuel system cleaner. I only use BP fuel, by the way. I heard it again today only once, going uphill, shifting into 3rd. WTF? Maybe I need to be patient and let the cleaner do it's job. Maybe it is related to the slight turbo sound I hear when accelerating? (My previous posting questioning the winding/turbo sound has gotten feedback that it is normal.) Any feedback on this will be apprciated.
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