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Engine Cover

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Ill start

Duplicolor Metal Flake - Blue
Duplicolor Plastic Adhesive
Duplicolor Engine Paint - Clear Primer
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That is cool looking!!
That really is cool looking. Details, please.
I had just recently did my engine cover also but I am not completely finished with it though.

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Remove the Engine cover by unbolting the two bolts which hold it on
Set these bolts aside for later use

Take off Engine Cover

First I masked off the Toyota and VVTI badges

Second Use Duplicolor Adhesion Promoter - 3 Coats

Third- within 10 minutes of applying the Adhesion Promoter Use DupliColor Metal Specks paint ** make sure you get the heat resistant kind* - I Did about 4 coats


Fifth- peel back the tape

Sixth- Repeat these steps on the little bolts

Last- put engine cover back on and HAND TIGHTEN the bolts that are now painted

And your done

P.s. most heat resistant paints should work
You don't really nessicarally need the ENGINE paint( 500+) because you are not painting a part that gets really really hot
However, you should still use a heat resistant paint

goodluck I hope this helps
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Older pic, but shows the cover pretty well...

Honest to goodness IIP, 25psi HVLP, with TECH241 clearcoat. Did the cover, strutbar, and radiator plate all at once.

The most current pic I have (weird green reflection on engine cover)

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I like that color Dr. Isotope
I'm diggin the battery tie down doc.
Looks awesome!
This isnt done yet but some progress has been made...
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looking good guys. id love to do something like that in my engine bay, but having the bsp it makes it hard to decide on a color. Dr. i like how you did the strut bar also. i have the dc sports but i dont think painting everything black would stand out all that much. what do you guys think?
these all look REALLY nice!
I like black on matte black on gloss black on black black. Black with red and silver bits are nice too.
I like that Duplicolor blue paint. I think i'll be doing that soon!
Looks good! I wonder how it'd look in red, with the emblem and "VVT-i" left in black...(the red theme to match my calipers).
I think I might try and replace the Toyota emblem with a Scion emblem on the engine cover. What do you guys think?
umm that will be almost impossible, because the toyota emblem is branded into the enigne cover unless your thinking some kind of overlay, which prob wouldent look that good.. but otherwise I dont see how you could do it. But hey, you might, lemmie know if you do
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