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EMF Sensitivity – Need transponders removed/disabled

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Hello, I’m getting significant right sided symptoms when I drive my car for any length of time due to acquired EMF sensitivity. I get immediate relief by ceasing to drive it. (2010 Tc)

I went to the dealer and got some basic info regarding location of some transponders. I’m wondering if there is someone in this forum that has seen references on this or had experience with this.

I love my Scion. Of the dozens of cars I’ve had over my life, this one is my favorite. (head scratcher why they stopped selling such lovable cars.) I will sell it though if I can’t get relief. This is life threatening for me due to the electrolyte imbalance and an infection in my jaw. If I don’t get it in check soon, it could kill me.

I am also looking at getting a special tint on all windows. Obviously I’m taking this whole thing pretty seriously.

Would be so grateful for any guidance regarding EMF exposures related to my car.
Thank you, Kimberly
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I can't imagine what it is like to be sensitive to EMF. Every electrical circuit have EMF. To what degree of EMF before you feel it or affects you I am not able to determine that. Having that said, I'm old school and something we used to do was put tin foil, or aluminum foil in our hub caps to "foil" police radar. Maybe that was just a tall tale, but seriously you can apply aluminum foil to shield the fire wall of the engine compartment IF what your feeling is from there (most likely your spark plug coils. What puzzles me is that EVERY car have the exact same system with the combustion engine and NO WAY with an EV vehicle.
Yes I know about tin foil lol! Hybrid and electric generate a HUGE magnetic field. Had a hybrid almost 15 years. Whoops. Anyhow for 15 years transponders of all types have proliferated.

The one causing me the most grief based on symptoms is the connection running the middle of the console. The dealer said that's where it was, but the graphic online shows different (this car is in a transition year) ANTENNA. 2010 Scion TC | Toyota, Santa Maria CA

Can anyone offer more specifics on removing the source of my health issue here? Last 4 of vin is A0306881

I don't know if selling to get an older car will be the answer or if it's too late to improve the quality of my life. But these are my options now and I'm too tired to car hunt. --- Thanks for any guidance!
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