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Elk Grove Scion Rally to Apple Hill

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Anyone else planning on going to this? We should try to get a nice representation if possible.
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Shoot. I thought there was another thread on this one, but I kept looking through the Regional>California section. If you want to delete or close this one, feel free.
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nah, it's fine, I'd like more people to see this and turn out for it
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I'm thinking about going...not really sure yet. I've got a test that I should be cramming for that weekend but I'll most likely end up at the Rally instead.
i'm on it. post party BBQ at my place?
Dope. This time, everyone grab a walkie talkie so we can stick together.
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Originally posted by inevitablegod@Nov 4 2004, 07:52 PM
i'm on it.  post party BBQ at my place?
are you really going to BBQ... I was so sad last time
unless Eric leaves me at home (where I belong) all
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well, it wont be an open BBQ, i cant fit the entire rally worth of people in my small place. but a few of us from the site getting together afterwards wouldnt suck at all. i'll get a few things stocked up before hand, and anyone wanting to contribute to the food and beverage, you are welcome to bring it. swing by the house before we go, we can caravan from my place to elk grove (i live pretty damn close) and we can drop off items at my place so they are there when we get back. in order to be fair, i suppose i should say the first 10 people to ask if they can come, get to come. so, anyone on the site that is thinking of going, pm me if you want to join us. the way i count it, i have room for 6 more people, as i assume eric, tonic, and wolo are in.
yah, PM me directions to your pad & what you'd like us to bring & we'll stop by before going to Elk Grove
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edited to say : bring whatever you like. you kill it, i'll grill it.
Originally posted by Wolo@Nov 5 2004, 03:51 PM
okay, but what are you going to drink?
^ I sent 'em up. You knock 'em down.
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so, was i correct in counting you in?

cause no one else want to hang with us, i guess. we're not cool enough. so it wouldnt suck if you showed at least. even if you only bring a six pack, you cheap bastard.

always the loaded ones, you know?
No one else down??

I've got a friend that just bought an xA, and I'm trying to get her to come along.
It's kind of on the wrong side of the country, see...
wolo - by all means, bring her along. then she can explain why didnt come see me for her xA.
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