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alright here's the thing.i know there's about 800 posts of which exhaust to confused as to which one sounds ricey.and every sound clip i click on in the search,says its no longer available.i want loud and by what ive read, injen is the loudest.but by "loudest" does that mean "rice"?i was cosidering going with the injen but i dont know anymore.some say TRD is the way to go, some say greddy, and there's a nut shell, i want loud, deep, non rice tone.sorry for posting about exhausts again but i need some injen exhaust clips.
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i like the ingen exhaust. who cares what people define as rice. if it actually adds power to your car, its not rice.
i define weed whacking sound as rice.if it doesnt sound like that $*** then i am ok.i listened to zolitz' sound clip the other day and it sounded pretty good from what i heard.i think it was TRD if im not mistaking.i just need to hear an injen one before any final purchase.thanks for listening to my frustrated a##.

Ken has the Injen stuff at Sparks. Check em out. i like em, and i dont think it sounds ricey
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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