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Finally got her.

2005 Superwhite Manual Tc w/18' wheels and SAB. Going back in a few days to get springs and sway bar installed. Going to buy door sills and mats online tonight. Oh yes, I also opted for GAP insurance and a 7 yr / 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

Anyways, it was a blast to drive home even though I stalled a couple times.
My first stick and I drove it 30 miles home, lol.

So far, I have a few things to say about the car.

1) It has a very smooth ride to it...even with the 18' wheels

2) 2nd gear has a LOT of "pep" to it. I have not pushed it....Im talking around 4k rpms.

3) The radio is kind of weak. Can anyone suggest some settings for me? I like rock and rap.

4) The clutch seems real tight-----but what do I know, its my first stick.

5) The sunroof covers are very flimsy....I could see the rear one flapping in the wind when the sunroof was open.

6) My car came with a broken radio door. I have to push the top to open it. It is broken right? I was planning on asking for another one when I get my springs and sway bar installed.

7) A blast to drive the car, it gets a LOT of looks.
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Congrats on getting your tC!

Re: Stereo settings - I think most people enjoy xA/Hear

Re: Radio Cover - It's a common problem & you just have to find the "sweet spot" - try a somewhat sharp poke between the three dots and the logo in the middle...

Re: Moonroof covers - just have both open at the same time... I don't think I've ever kept the back closed if I open the moon roof... I usually have both covers open unless the sun is beating down & it gets too hot...
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xB/Feel isn't too bad either.

And I totally agree with Eric about the covers. If the windows are down or the moonroof is open, both covers are open. I want to make sure they last as long as possible and it seems very possible for them to be damaged in the wind.
I leave both sunroof flaps open all the time as well.

And I had the same thought about the radio cover, "Oh crap, it's broken!" but according to this board nearly EVERYONE has this issue. Sigh.

I've given up hitting the bottom, I just jab the top and it opens every time. Quite lame, but for the cost of the car, a minor nuisance. I still love this car.

I have the VSE subwoffer and I ride with xB/hear

When ever I open the roof, I have both covers open, just want to preserve them like Wolo said.

I thought the same thing when I first drove the car home with the radio cover, but after about a month of use it glides open with the lightest flick
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I bet the real problem with the radio covers are the owners not knowing how to open them, it's hard to imagine a new car with something already broken.

I think the moonroof covers have to be a fabric type retractable thing because if they were hard then there would be no place to slide them without blocking a window.
Yes the this vinyl covers are a necassary evil becasue of the awesome all glass roof
personally they dont bother me and they are easy to keep clean
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congrats on your tc...I leave my roof covers open most of the time, just like Eric said, unless it's really sunny and hot out. Stereo is set on xb/feel, that sounds best to me. xa/hear is also pretty good. Mess around with the SSP button. Also don't worry about stalling, I've had a whole thread beggin for help when I first got my 5spd. Now it's a piece of cake.

Have fun man, enjoy your new ride.
Stalling is fun!!! You get to laugh at yourself.... I guarantee it! Go ahead... try it!
Haha....definitely stalled the first two days.

I have now had the car for 4 days and I have almost 400 miles on it. Can you guess how much I love my Tc?

I took the Tc badge of the back and I think it flows much better. I got my pedals, door sills, and mats today..... they all definitely added some more style to my whip.

I just finished washing her with some Zaino----its too sunny to wax it. Man does she look great. Anyways, Im not sure where Im going with this post...but I think Ill go for another drive.
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