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ECM details

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It would seem I am wrong about the ECM in our cars. I found this while researching a RAV4 specs topics. Apparently, it is possible to reflash the ECM in a 2AZ application. That certainly helps understand how Scionspeed was able to say he thinks there is a way around the speed limiter (we all want this if we do get turbo systems installed, it would suck to have 300 hp and a 127 mph top speed limit).

Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight. I found the tools. It's not cheap. About $6k for everything before convincing Toyco to put me on distribution for TSB and software updates to recalibrate the ECM. My bet is they've locked down most of the stuff you'd want to toy with anyway. That's a big hurdle for someone who doesn't have a shop.
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oh... thats alot for a daily driver... i think u'd be better off buying one of those retro mustangs... i like them
How's that organism that eats biomass and excretes light crude oil coming??? We'll figure out the tC part, it's up to you to figure out how to keep fuel in them. OK?
huh? did i say something stupid again?
You said "give me a test tube and some cells..." Well, I'm holding you to it!
LoL I love this forum. 2 bad most of you are from cali. I wish there were some tech from chicago here on this forum, but it's all good i just love it.
Toyota bottom ends are legendary. The 2JZ in the Supra has made over 800 hp bone stock from the factory in daily driven cars. I have no reason to doubt the 2AZ is any different, despite it being an aluminum block.
Your words not mine. If the supra has 800 hp bone stock: A. thats amazing for a steet car that would still be managable since most V8 race engines for street cars are only pushing about 1000hp and thats for a car well into the 9s. You think that a 500 hp tc wouldnt be managable but you drive a 800 hp supra. B. you said Toyota bottom ends are legenday and then say that triple the hp you wouldnt expect them to hold up. Make up your mind.

Sorry guys this is my last off topic post. I just dont agree with the heads and super flow being the only way to get Hp. Ive seen many naturally asperated engines run like h*ll. Building a high hp motor is like Karate Kid "You must have balance."
2JZ rated 320 crank hp. 800/320= <3. Simple math. Built Supras have dyno'd well in excess of 1000 hp on gasoline, others have dyno'd well in excess of 1200 on methanol. No need to make up my mind, it seemed pretty clear to me.

Street Supras have run 9's with single turbos and upgraded fuel. What's your point? Yes, we take candy from NA V-8s on a regular basis.

Anyone expecting to triple stock horsepower on any engine and have the stock pieces hold up is delusional, or has enough money to waste finding out. I am neither, but the 2AZ is already producing over 300 hp on stock internals without catastrophic failures. 320 is twice rated power, Scionspeed already posted a 358 whp dyno on boost with stock internals. I would not expect stock internals to produce 480 hp from the 2AZ without problems just as I wouldn't expect stock internals to produce 960 hp from a 2JZ without problems. It might work, but I wouldn't want to bet the block on it.

I've tuned enough engines to know it is a symphony. I've built enough Toyotas to know they do alot of the hard part for you before you even remove a single bolt to change things. These are NOT Detroit products, they're what Detroit would have done if the really good engineers hadn't gone to other industries.
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Ah screw it its like talking to a women. You will never win because they have no need to makes sense. You said that you wouldnt want to drive a 500 hp tC on the street but you make no complaints about a 800hp supra. Sounds like you are making up numbers to me. Hp is hp it doesnt matter 800 is huge 500 not so. so why would you tell people you dont think 500 is streetable but 800 is. It makes not sense. Do you just read magazines and try to baffle people with all this technical jargin. I know alot of engine builders that barely have a High school diploma and they build race engines that last all season long and put out huge horsepower. I may not be one of them but I know a little bit about cars and alot of other things. So what if you can amaze us with technical talk all day long if you cant form a paragraph that makes sense to anyone with that knowledge, than it means nothing. By the way you are only trying to lower static compression in asperated engines because you dont want to over compress and blow the engines. In naturally asperated engines you want compression. not the lack of. Besides you talk like V8s are dead. I like the 4 cyl because it puts out a little hp and gets good gas mileage. By the way you said 500 hp from a tc is crazy and unstreetable. I know alot of 500 hp v8s that are plenty streetable and can run for years and years the same cant be said for the tc motor. so I guess there not so extinct now are they.
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Been building engines and doing cylinder heads since 1980. Yeah, I just made all this sh!t up to piss you off. Please. Get a life and learn something other than single underhead cam crap.

Stuff (Might want to peruse this site a little)

More stuff.

Yep, you're right, I don't know the business end of phillips head from a lag bolt.
LoL I dont want to be a post *****, but this is just funny. LMAO I dont to take sides, cuz i dont know anything, but lo bux makes sense to me. I dont know about the others.
Yeah this is one place where you'll almost never see me post, or post a comment. Nice pictures, Lance...I even recognized some of them. Only some, though.
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Okay lance, this is where I step in because we have gotten way off topic.

So the ECM/ECU is flashable, eh? Could you tell me the exact process it took to figure this out, and also... what materials are required to carry this out? My senior design project for university needs a proposal in 6mos, and this would be one fun project (beats the crap out of doing research for some psycho professor).
You need one of these. You also need the software to go with it. Looks like something between $6k and $8k with all the options you'll need. Plus, you need to order software from Toyota. No idea how much that will run, but no doubt it won't be cheap.
ok this is off topic but i was looking at that link you gave us in the beginning of this post (the etools one) and it says that the is300 has the 2jz-ge engine.. lo bux can you tell me what engine is in the mk 4 supra?

sorry i just saw 2jz and i was like.. "isnt that the supra engine?" but i dont know much about supras or their engines.. can u tell me what the ge at the end stands for? sorry for all the questions ill try researching ahha ok bye
Yes the IS300 has a Supra-like engine in it. It has the 2JZ block and the GE stands for performance head, normally aspirated. The turbo engine is the 2JZ-GTE. The engine in the IS uses different pieces than its Supra NA brothers. For some reason they decided to skimp on the rods, so they only hold about 425 hp. Other than that significant difference, the other differences are minor
So you could theoretically take apart the IS300 and make a monster out of it.
Yes, you can put Supra rods in an IS engine, put a turbo on it, and make ~600 hp pretty easily. To make a lot more, you need a head like the one in my pictures. That head is a GE head that I modified for a guy who drag races a turbo'd GE engine, and it should flow at least as well as a turbo head. I suspect it actually flows a lot better, but I didn't have access to a flowbench to check it.
Figure if I had an IS300 then I'd be paying you a visit
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