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Great info lo bux:)

Our plan is to build a turbo system that provides an optimal low to mid/upper mid powerband with high reliability factored in. This is just for our purposes, we will drive it alot to events, autocross, drags, maybe road course track days, audio competitions, etc, etc. I have always been a fan of a wide powerband and long term reliability(as much as possible) It seems this little motor we have will do just that.

In the realm of reliability I am looking at a cast iron manifold, if done right they can produce great bottom end and flow plenty well enough for strong mid and upper midrange RPM use. And, if built well can last a very long time:)

As I am sure you are aware, most of us love to brag about big numbers when it comes to HP and Torque and small numbers when it comes to ET's, I am as guilty as anyone else:)

Unfortunately those are best relegated to racing applications. For serious street fun, smaller numbers can be acheived with a wider power band and if you make a plot that includes average time spent at each RPM point and how often you are at that point, you can have substantially more power available than a high RPM power band with bigger numbers can provide. More real world power where you need it the most and more reliable and easier to use the power as well, that is what I prefer to build and drive:)

My last engine project, that I abandoned due to needing to take care of my disabled buddy, was being setup to have a wide powerband but also very high rev limit. But, it was also being setup to drop boost off at super high RPMs because I really did not need alot of power there, I needed to be able to not shift so often during autocrosses on the tighter tracks. It was going to have a remote on the steering wheel to switch between two seperate tuning curves, low boost with smooth onset and drop off at high RPMs, timing and fuel mapped accordingly. Then for some fun when hooked up on the faster sections a map for more boost, come on sooner, stay on longer, to take advantage of the places where I could use more power effectively. This was going to be tuned for road course track days, higher speed autocrosses and drags, if needed.

That is past history now, this new car/engine is going to be easier to build good power with and have one tuning setup, well, we will have it programable from the touch screen of the carputer, hmmm, maybe we will have more than one tuning setup afterall, time to do more research!!!

1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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