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ECM details

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It would seem I am wrong about the ECM in our cars. I found this while researching a RAV4 specs topics. Apparently, it is possible to reflash the ECM in a 2AZ application. That certainly helps understand how Scionspeed was able to say he thinks there is a way around the speed limiter (we all want this if we do get turbo systems installed, it would suck to have 300 hp and a 127 mph top speed limit).

Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight. I found the tools. It's not cheap. About $6k for everything before convincing Toyco to put me on distribution for TSB and software updates to recalibrate the ECM. My bet is they've locked down most of the stuff you'd want to toy with anyway. That's a big hurdle for someone who doesn't have a shop.
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Okay lance, this is where I step in because we have gotten way off topic.

So the ECM/ECU is flashable, eh? Could you tell me the exact process it took to figure this out, and also... what materials are required to carry this out? My senior design project for university needs a proposal in 6mos, and this would be one fun project (beats the crap out of doing research for some psycho professor).
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