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DVD navigation unit w/ipod connector?

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Wzup everyone wht it do...

I have a 06 headunit w/ipod connector to my center console. I actually want to get rid of my 06 headunit, n get a navigation unit. Prefer Eclipse... but does anyone know any navigation dvd units out there that can take the 06 ipod connection? Any help would be appreciated...

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Just search Crutchfield.
I am building a whole computer for the will have
navigation but real time gps (software loaded on hard drive)
- xm radio
- 100gig hd
- wireless internet or that new clearwire modem
- dvd combo drive --burn your own disks and watch movies
- as big of a touch screen that will fit...not sure if I want it to be fixed or a single din with the flip out
- full blown computer with email and all you can could make images of your games and have all of them loaded without the disks
-wireless keyboard and mouse that does not need to be rolled on a surface (you wave it in the air and hold a button in to move around --> it still works like a regular mouse too)

All of it runs on 12 volt...the power supply will convert to proper voltages
I can build them with your current computer parts or perhaps your old processor and memory....
You can build your own if you know how to do it up...check out this web site...

12v computer

If anyone is interested pm me....I can custom build you one.
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Will that 7" touchscreen fit in the double din area of the TC?

Looks too big.

Also, you will not be getting sound quality as good as a Eclipse unit will provide for highs, mid, bass.
Carputer... heard good things n bad things about them... Good things will be all that a computer can do... bad would be heat durin the summer. Also heard that the comp has to be on standby, unless u want it to boot up after u start ur car...

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