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Is a dry blade actually safe for the paint? anyone used one??

here's a link to one.
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Seems like it would be ok provided you've cleaned your car well and didn't have any dirt come in contact with it before "blading."

Otherwise, you'd be grinding the particles into the paint and scratching as you dried.
I used one on my Matrix - never on the tC. I just wax off water stains after the car dries up. Actually thanks for reminding me - I'll put the "blade" in the shower to get the water drops off the walls (damn mildew).
I own one and I use it for the glass on those mornings when they're covered with moisture. I don't use it on my paint though.
i bought one from wal-mart a few months great, the only thing is to make sure the silicon blade is in GOOD condition and no dirt gets stuck in the lips of it..also make sure that your car is dirt free after washing with no rock, pebbles, sand etc. or it WILL scratch the surface..
yeah I used it once and then put it to the side cause I noticed small scratches as it ran down the paint, of course they were hairline scratches but scratches none-the-less
Yea I bought one of those two. I didn't like it tho. It dried the car quickly but left spots...
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I own one and 3 of my friends own them too. I think it works really well. Definitely worth the buy, its only $20 at Wal-mart.
i own and use one, just make sure u keep it clean and ur car is clean as said above...
I use it on the glass only. It is like a fiberglass coated rod used to clean your firearms. It picks up the grit and will not give it up even with good cleaning. That grit goes up against the finish of your car (or inside of the barrel if you are thinking firearms). Neither is good.

But the blade is excellent on the glass!

tried it on my tc a couple of weeks ago, works ok but you're better off using a clean terry cloth towel. With the blade in order to do edges or creases, you must apply quite a bit of pressure to the body which kind of put me off of it. The end result was nothing great.
I bought one like two years ago. Used it once and returned it. You might as well save yourself the $10 or so and just use a regular squegee, same concept.
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