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driving cross country

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hey all,

i was thinking of doing some serious driving this summer. How do you think the tc can handle it? Has anyone done it yet? If not what is the farthest you've driven your tc and did you have any problems? I'm planning on doing it this summer July/August.

Thanks for the input
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I'd be shocked if you had more problems than a flat tire.
I don't expect to have serious problems, but i don't know much about cars, so i wanted to see everyone else says. I was also a bit worried since the weather will be hot.

Guess i've to learn how to change a tire b4 this trip
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Well I drove mine all the way from Florida to Kansas in a matter of two days so I would say that it can handle it!
Yeah, there's NO way I'd make a really long trip without knowing how to change a tire
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IF the worst comes to worst, there's toyota dealerships across the country. Your tC is still under manufacter warranty you can take your tC to the nearest dealership and get a rental.
May take longer to get to your destination but hey you'll get a rental to beat on while they fix your car lol
Oh yeah definately learn how to change a tire, check your tire pressure and oil. Other than that, make the most of your road trip, I wouldnt drive anything else than the tC

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Having done the cross-country thing on a Honda 750, Honda 1100F, Yamaha FJ1100, in a GTS Corolla, and a GTS Celica; I can say the most important mod to the car is Vivarin. It will keep you awake across the long drives in Nebraska, Iowa, and a few other states to remain nameless, but never-the-less equally long and boring to cross. Possible alternative is drop a Benny on your Starbucks card and plan to use it extensively. Take it from someone who has driven from Omaha to Sacramento in 26 hours including all stops more than once.
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