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I am getting my first Manual Car here in a couple weeks, on order. I don't mean to offened anybody here but 4cylinder's just dont have the power to be automatics in general. I am looking forward to the tc and the manual shifting. I drive other people's manual's as well as my ATV and love it.

NOW, here is the acception to the rule. I had an AUTOMATIC Trans Am with almost every bolt on available, a LT1 running 12's with the motor itself untouched. WOW, what a rush to drive. Now give me a car with that much power and I probably would not mind it a bit. Especially being able to consistantly get .5xx at the track including one perfect .500 reaction time and always pulling away at the launch.

Whoops back to the story. I highly reccomend manual for smaller engine cars so you can control the power band and choose how you would like it to drive, not how the computer chooses for you.
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